‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ Review


Godzilla vs. Kong delivers epic titan mayhem as promised. Unfortunately, it is all weighed down by a laughable script and a slew of weak and underdeveloped humans taking most of the screen time. 

In search of his home, Kong is found at odds with an enraged Godzilla, which ultimately leads to an adventure to the center of the Earth and an epic, awaited battle.

Adam Wingard directs the culmination of the MonsterVerse, following two standalone Godzilla adventures and Kong: Skull Island. The result is a mixed bag. Wingard undoubtedly excels at both central titans’ action and the emotional aspects, often coming close to delivering touching moments. However, these moments come sparingly and frequently don’t land due to the downright laughable script written by Eric Pearson and Max Borenstein. The story evolves as if a group of kids got together with their toys to develop a “cool” way to make these titans fight. It’s just childish. Sure, the mere concept of Godzilla vs. Kong is ridiculous. Still, the movie frequently feels like it takes itself far too seriously to evoke some self-awareness. The film tries too hard to explain the fight, injecting unnecessary exposition and bland villains all the way through. Yet, I could still not confidently tell you why Godzilla and Kong end up fighting, which says a lot about the film’s shortcomings. It just makes the end product feel hollow and ultimately inconsequential. 

There are, however, some redeeming qualities. Despite most of the cast being wasted with terrible characters, young actress Kaylee Hottle brings some much-needed heart into the film, helping Kong’s storyline. The visuals are also stunning, featuring some of the best visual effects I’ve seen in a while, which tremendously helps the action sequences. 

In the end, Godzilla vs. Kong has some great moments regarding the titans and the final act, which makes it overall an entertaining watch. However, the script’s weakness and awful human characters are what keep it from being truly good.


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