‘Annihilation’ Review: Alex Garland’s Latest is Brilliant

★★★★½ With Annihilation, Alex Garland proves yet again that he is a master storyteller, blending thought-provoking sci-fi with horror to create a modern classic.  The film follows Lena, who, after her husband, Kane, comes back very ill after being nowhere to be found for over a year, she joins a group of military scientists on … Continue reading ‘Annihilation’ Review: Alex Garland’s Latest is Brilliant

Oscars 2018: Final Predictions

Awards season will finally come to a close this Sunday with Hollywood’s biggest show, and it has certainly been quite the rollercoaster. Never in recent memory have awards shows been so difficult to predict as this one. Almost every year, we have a clear frontrunner by now in each category, and while it has seemed … Continue reading Oscars 2018: Final Predictions