‘Soul’ Review

9.5 | AMAZING 'Soul' is a thought-provoking, visually stunning, and emotionally powerful story that is an instant classic and the best Pixar has done in a long time. 'Soul' deal with Joe, a middle-aged music teacher who has not had the life he expected. When he comes close to having a big opportunity, he unexpectedly … Continue reading ‘Soul’ Review


‘Ford v Ferrari’ Review

★★★★½ Ford v Ferrari is both an emotionally fulfilling and thrilling film from start to finish, largely thanks to both Bale and Damon’s charismatic performances and James Mangold’s classic directing.  The film finds Damon’s Carroll Shelby and Bale’s Ken Miles struggling to put together a Ford racing car that can compete against Enzo Ferrari’s before … Continue reading ‘Ford v Ferrari’ Review

‘Joker’ Review

★★★★½ Chilling, riveting and shocking, ‘Joker’ reinvents the classic villain’s story with a nuanced and complex message and a stunning performance by Joaquin Phoenix.  Arthur Fleck, a man seemingly forgotten by society and rejected by most who know him, faces tough decisions as his mental health and outer world come crashing down.  After much controversy, … Continue reading ‘Joker’ Review

‘Marriage Story’ Review I TIFF 2019

★★★★★ Noah Baumbach delivers a masterpiece with a stunning, gut-wrenching and hilarious tale of love, heartbreak and letting go.  The film follows Nicole and Charlie, two successful people in show business, who get embroiled in a nasty divorce that threatens their family’s well-being.  Marriage Story is perfect. I might even go as far as to … Continue reading ‘Marriage Story’ Review I TIFF 2019