‘The Devil All the Time’ Review

★★★½ Far from flawless, ‘The Devil All the Time’ still manages to stand out thanks to a stellar cast, beautiful visuals, and an engaging story. The film follows the interconnected lives of a war veteran and his son, a pair of serial killers, a preacher, and the sheriff of the small town of Knockemstiff, Ohio. … Continue reading ‘The Devil All the Time’ Review


‘Joker’ Review

★★★★½ Chilling, riveting and shocking, ‘Joker’ reinvents the classic villain’s story with a nuanced and complex message and a stunning performance by Joaquin Phoenix.  Arthur Fleck, a man seemingly forgotten by society and rejected by most who know him, faces tough decisions as his mental health and outer world come crashing down.  After much controversy, … Continue reading ‘Joker’ Review

‘Captain Marvel’ Review: A Disappointingly Mediocre Chapter in the MCU

★★½ Captain Marvel is a formulaic and middling chapter in the MCU, and while it does have a fun factor in play, it never fully lives up to its promise. The film follows a female Kree warrior who, in the middle of a war against the evil Skrulls, ends up on Earth, where she might … Continue reading ‘Captain Marvel’ Review: A Disappointingly Mediocre Chapter in the MCU