‘Extraction’ Review


Chris Hemsworth’s ‘Extraction’ is barely saved from a mediocre script by jaw-dropping action sequences, making it, at the very least, a worthwhile Netflix quarantine watch.

After another cartel captures the son of an incarcerated mob boss in India, mercenary Tyler Rake (Hemsworth) is tasked to save him and guard him out of the city.

With the sudden circumstances the world has found itself in, Netflix has been one of the few companies to enjoy quite a bump in eyeballs. ‘Extraction’ is designed to be their newest movie offering to entice their massive number of subscribers. Does it work? Well, it depends. Amongst other Netflix original films, I would put it right in line with what you get from average offerings like Bird Box or Fractured, while nowhere near as good as they have been with top tier talent at the helm. If you enjoyed any of those two films, you probably would also like this one.

Joe Russo, from Marvel fame (he co-directed both Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame with his brother) scripts the film, and surprisingly, turns out to be the weakest element the film has. However, it is helped by first-time director Sam Hargrave, who utilizes his action background with ease. There’s, in particular, a 10-minute sequence shot to look like a continuous take, which turns out to be the highlight of the film and a wonder to see for any action aficionado.

Chris Hemsworth, also from Marvel fame, is also, along with Hargrave, the best the film has. While Hemsworth has previously struggled to have a career beyond Thor, I can see ”Extraction” being the stepping stone of him becoming an even bigger action star this decade, perhaps with this film as a potential franchise starter. Yet, even as he is excellent to watch, the rest of the cast could have used more direction, and that’s the one area where you can tell Hargrave has never directed before.

In conclusion, ”Extraction” might not be on the same caliber as the best Netflix has offered. Still, for a Friday night watch, it’s pleasant enough to keep you entertained throughout.

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