‘Glass’ Review: Shyamalan’s Conclusion to his Trilogy is a Mixed Bag


M Night Shyamalan’s culmination to his surprising trilogy is smart and inventive at its best, but an overstuffed and disappointing ending almost brings the film down.

19 years after ‘Unbreakable’, David Dunn finally finds a super-human rival in “The Horde”. When they both are captured and put into a mental facility, a questionable psychiatrist and an old foe come into the picture.

After years of promising an “Unbreakable” sequel and not delivering (and in the way, having a tough time himself) Shyamalan pulled the ultimate twist with his comeback, Split, by revealing it had been all along set in the same universe. ‘Glass’, sold as the culmination of what he’s been building up to, mostly delivers.

Visually, Shyamalan excels, crafting some beautiful shots, especially in the mental facility. The tone also fits perfectly with the previous films. Most of the film’s flaws come into play in the last third. Without giving anything away, it almost feels like Shyamalan had far too many ideas to craft the perfect ending and to fit into a franchise that he clearly loves, but unfortunately, he ends up overstuffing the final product. His signature twist, this time around, is more of a mix of several ones, and while some definitely hit, some others don’t, even leaving you scratching your head until the final scene. His exposition-heavy writing also comes back to haunt the film as some of his worst films have, with Shyamalan seemingly trying to put everything in front of the audience, even the most obvious, which ultimately hurts the film.

James McAvoy is, as expected, excellent as Kevin Wendell Crumb and all of his personalities, with Samuel L Jackson providing an assist with an equally great performance. Bruce Willis, who disappointingly doesn’t have the big of a role, is also very good, as is Sarah Paulson.

Ending issues aside, Glass is definitely an enjoyable and, at times, really smart and interesting, with several ideas working tremendously well, especially in today’s superhero-obsessed culture. If you were really into the last two films, you should definitely check out this one, perhaps with your expectations in check.

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