‘A Star is Born’ Review: An Incredibly Powerful Update to the Classic


Impeccably directed and superbly acted, this third remake of ‘A Star is Born’ shines as the best yet.

After Jackson Maine, a famous country singer, encounters a bar singer named Ally and quickly falls in love, a tale of love throughout the years is followed, filled with themes of fame, jealousness, and power.

If you had told me Bradley Cooper would be the person to remake yet again the classic 1937 film for a new generation, I wouldn’t have believed it. That’s why I was disappointed when Clint Eastwood dropped out of the film, as did Beyoncé, since I felt they were the perfect match for the material. Imagine my shock when, as I finished this film, I couldn’t picture someone else on the helm or anyone else on the roles. Cooper, with his directorial debut, has crafted an incredibly powerful and moving portrayal of stardom, updating the classic cautionary tale with incredible skill that makes this the best out of the four.


Cooper’s direction proves to be excellent for the film, with his raw and organic feel to his shots working really well with the source material. The concert sequences are also extremely well-made, making you feel like you’re up on stage with the performers. However, it’s not only his direction that surprised me: it was his acting. Cooper delivers by far the best performance of his career, bringing to life a complex and layered character. It’s also a testament to the incredible writing, also by Cooper, along with Eric Roth and Will Fetters.

In regards to perhaps the most-talked-about point of this film and the focus of the marketing campaign, Lady Gaga is indeed a star, showcasing her acting talent that had been missing in her previous efforts. Gaga is instrumental to the audience always feeling sympathetic to Ally, even in her questionable decisions. Her singing, as expected, is phenomenal, especially when Gaga proves she can master several genres throughout Ally’s career.


Cooper and Gaga definitely are awards-worthy, yet, a performance that stood out to me even more, was Sam Elliott’s. His incredibly deep yet brief role lights up the screen, and it would be a performance hard to ignore once awards season comes by.

In conclusion, Bradley Cooper has managed to craft an incredibly beautiful and powerful update to the classic, adding a lot of layers to the story and showcasing some star-making performances along the way.

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