Box Office Actuals: ‘Ocean’s 8’ Opens Solidly; ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ Opens Strong In Foreign Markets

The box office went mostly as expected this week, with ‘Ocean’s 8‘, as predicted, held its own with a $41.5M opening, stealing the “Ocean’s” franchise record debut of the second entry back in 2004 — of course, not adjusted for inflation, which would actually make this the lowest opening of the franchise, but good thing everyone has decided to ignore that fact and give Warner Bros. the good headlines.
It’s a solid debut, especially considering it’s relatively low cost of $70M. Add in the fact that previous installments have mostly made their profits from overseas, and Warner has got itself a winner here, just the size of it is TBD.
While it didn’t match Ghostbusters’ 2016 debut, it is important to note that film’s huge cost and limited audience internationally, which makes the comparisons apples to oranges here. Plus, with a B+ CinemaScore, it should have some legs.
The weekend’s other new release, ‘Hereditary‘, opened in line with expectations at 4th place with $13M, making it independent distributor A24’s biggest debut yet. However, even with its amazing reviews, it received a horrible D+ CinemaScore, which probably won’t bode well for those hoping it would leg out to a strong multiple.
Drew Pearce’s ‘Hotel Artemis‘ opened in 8th place with a horrible debut of $3.1M, which might be attributed to a lack of marketing and lackluster reviews.
In second place was ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story‘, which again, suffered a sizable drop of -49% to $15.1M, for a domestic cume of $176.1M, as it becomes increasingly apparent that it might not even hit $200M when all is said an done. Ouch.
Meanwhile, internationally, ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom‘ opened ahead of its US release in 48 markets including Korea and several markets in Europe. It earned an excellent $151M which puts it just 5% behind the opening of Jurassic World in the same markets — a movie which ended up with a dino-sized $1.67B worldwide, which is excellent news for Universal.

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